Style 919

Style 919

Material composition: Braided from graphited PTFE (gPTFE ) yarn. The packing is soft. There are no free particles of graphite on surface and therefore no contamination can

Application: Used in pumps, valves, mixers and agitators. Especially designed for services
involving surface speeds and temperature higher than those normally speified for pure PTFE packings . Can be safely used in all chemical pump applications with the exception of molten alkali metals, fluoride, fuming nitric acid and other strong oxidizing agents.

Benefits: Because of its extremely wide applciation range, successfully replace many other packings and reduce stock levels considerably.

Service Limits

Pressure 20 bar 100 bar200 bar
Shaft speed18m/s
Density1.4~1.6 g/cm3
Temperature-100 +280 Deg.C
PH Range0~14

Sealmax has now tied up with KWO and IDT Germany for marketing their product range in India