Ceramic Fiber Braided Packing

Style 925

Ceramic fiber braided packing reinforced with glass fiber

Ceramic fiber product is a type of new heat insulation refractory and inorganic materials. It has many advantages , such as light weight, resistant to high temperature, hot shake, minor in heat capacity, good heat insulation, resistant to acid and alkali and free of poison etc. It can also be processed into a wide range of heat insulation products with quite high tensile strength and toughness.

As a static seal for vessels, heaters, manhole, lids, covers etc.

Service Limits

Colour White
A11203 +S102%>=97
Fibre diameter um2~4
Fibre lengthmill100-200 
Thermal conductivity(hot face)0.130.16 (600°c 0.1710.2(1000°)
High Temp. loss on Ignition%13-17
Temperature resistance650°c

Sealmax has now tied up with KWO and IDT Germany for marketing their product range in India